Israeli Expansion 1946 - 2000

Israeli Expansion 1946 - 2000
Israeli Expansion 1946 - 2000

Illegal Israeli Settler Population on Palestinian Land

The Tesco Saga

An email exchange with Joan Duncan Customer Services Manager, Tesco. The lengthy emails have been considerably abbreviated.

17/9  Me to Tesco:  I've just signed a Pledge not to buy settlement goods.

21/9 Tesco to me: "..we clearly label the origin of our products..."

21/9 Me: "I've checked the dates and figs .... no country of   origin was mentioned."

22/9 Tesco: "some products from fresh fruit and vegetables do not always have the origin label on them individually."

27/9 Me: "I wasn't writing about your fresh produce but the dried fruit. There are:

i.     packets of "deglet nour" dates with no country of origin;
ii.   dried fruit labelled "Produce of more than one country."
iii.  figs marked "Packed in France".

How does this square with your earlier statement that "we clearly label the origin of our produce"?

22/9 Tesco:  I  have recorded your views and will pass them on.

22/9 Me: It is not my "view" that your "deglet nour" dates do not post a country of origin - it is a fact.."

23/9 Tesco: With regards to the deglet nour dates, the country of origin is stated on the inside label which I agree is not very good for our customers..."

27/9 Me: What is the country of origin?

27/9 Tesco: Tunisia or Algeria.

9/10 Me: I visited your Old Kent Road Store. There are:

    ITEMS                                        LABELS

Dried Mango                        Packet in UK for Tesco
Dried Pineapple                   Packed for Tesco Stores Ltd
Dried Apricots                      Packed in France
Dried Fruit Mix                     Produce of more than one country
Soft Prunes                           Packed in France

Is there not something of a conflict between what you say your policy is about labelling and the reality?

10/10 Tesco: I have passed your email down to our labelling department ... I'm sure that they will make any adjustment they feel necessary ....

Ariel Settlement Swimming Pool - Water use is 83% Israeli

Ariel Settlement Swimming  Pool - Water use is 83% Israeli
Look at the landscape in the background and compare with the lawn and swimming pool.